“A Little While,” My Jesus Said (Hymn)

“A little while,” my Jesus said, / “And I will take thee to me. / As I for thee my blood have shed, / So do I love thee truly.
“A Little While,” My Jesus Said: text by Andrew Richard, tune and arrangement by Nathanael Hahn. Sung by the Mount Hope Lutheran School Faculty Quartet: Hannah Engwall (soprano and alto, alternately), Anna Hahn (alto and soprano, alternately), Andrew Richard (tenor), Nathanael Hahn (bass).

“A little while,” my Jesus said,
“And I will take thee to me.
As I for thee my blood have shed,
So do I love thee truly.
Yea, ev’ry tear that thou hast wept
I have within my bottle kept,
And I am coming quickly.”

Amen, Lord Jesus, come to me;
This world my heart distresses.
I walk in my integrity,
Yet harder down it presses.
But what of that? I have Thee still.
I live within Thy gracious will.
Thou art my shield and refuge.

“This wicked world,” my Jesus said,
“Before thy time did hate me.
Yet with its wickedness I sped
God’s purpose for thy safety.
I took its evil in my hand;
Against my will could nothing stand.
I work all things to bless thee.”

Amen, Lord Jesus, I have peace
Amidst my tribulations,
And though the devil will not cease
From lying accusations,
Yet Thou dost rise for my defense.
I wash my hands in innocence
And go about Thine altar.

“I am for thee,” my Jesus said,
“An Advocate beside thee.
I am the Lifter of thy head
And Guard when foes deride thee.
Since I have named thee with my name,
Thou never wilt be put to shame.
I am thy Reputation.”

Amen, Lord Jesus, Thou art all
I need both now and ever.
No mammon can my heart enthrall;
Thou only art my treasure.
The wealth of earth has now grown old.
In heaven ’tis but trodden gold
On which I’ll walk beside Thee.

“Thou art my own,” my Jesus said,
“And as I live, so surely
All mine is thine, so have no dread;
Thy flesh will dwell securely.
Thy daily bread I will provide,
And even death cannot divide
Thee from my loving kindness.”

Amen, Lord Jesus, on Thy palms
I know Thou hast engraved me.
Forevermore I’ll sing Thee psalms
And tell how Thou hast saved me.
In death Thou art my confidence,
In life art my inheritance.
In Thee my soul rejoices.

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Andrew Richard & Nathanael Hahn

Rev. Andrew Richard is Assistant Pastor, Headmaster, and an Upper Level Teacher at Mount Hope Lutheran Church and School in Casper, WY. Nathanael Hahn is an Upper Level Teacher at Mount Hope Lutheran School in Casper, WY.

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