Academics the Wittenberg Way

Academics the Wittenberg way isn’t incidental to Lutheranism; it’s the natural intellectual and academic expression and extension of its devotion to its own source: Scripture itself.

What Is Christian Culture?

As practice, culture is not an inert reportable fact, but a living activity to be undertaken. For this reason, it makes as little sense to speak of “cultures” in the plural as it would to speak of “architectures” or “gardenings.”

What Is Education?

The student of Latin and Greek classics had opportunity to reflect on the entire breadth of things that had engaged man, from theology to farming to poetry to medicine, in a continuous written record over thousands of years.

Caesar’s Friend

Just as Pilate held onto his body, goods, and honor, and kept Caesar as his friend, although he knew that Christ was being done an injustice, so it happens among many people in our day.

The Self-Evident Proposition, Part 1

If my explanation is logical and true, it follows that only Christian education delivered throughout the course of human lifetimes—and delivered with Lutheran attentiveness to the verbatim Word of God—is the way to know the self-evident truth for ourselves.


Wokism is not woke. It is deep darkness and spiritual blindness. Jesus Christ is the light of the world.

Why Lutherans Need Classical Colleges

Today, the great classical preoccupations—the True, the Good, and the Beautiful—are not just theoretical ideals. They are survival skills, especially for Lutherans.

Nimrod’s Artists

God gave us the power to create art in order that we might say the same things He did in His own creation of the heavens and the earth.