We teach and guide people to establish and maintain Christian culture in the home, Church, and state, specifically with an aim towards creating a school where Lutherans learn a classical, Christian education, and can meet, marry, and learn to raise families, support local congregations, and be the salt of the earth.
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Christian News in Brief (Winter 2022)

As of the printing of this issue, the interim administration has indefinitely suspended Rev. Dr. Gregory Schulz for his public opposition to the Board of Regents’ open signaling that they want the new president of CUW to be woke, that is, a champion of “diversity,” “inclusivity,” and “equity.”

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What Is Christian Culture?

As practice, culture is not an inert reportable fact, but a living activity to be undertaken. For this reason, it makes as little sense to speak of “cultures” in the plural as it would to speak of “architectures” or “gardenings.”

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Academics the Wittenberg Way

Academics the Wittenberg way isn’t incidental to Lutheranism; it’s the natural intellectual and academic expression and extension of its devotion to its own source: Scripture itself.

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